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Compass Jewelry-Ideal and Classic Symbol of Jewelry
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Compass is a very popular symbol in jewelry with so many styles and versions. The symbol is ideal for travelers, adventurers and free spirits. Also, it is an excellent symbol to gift to a loved one.


Early compasses were created in China, where they were used as a navigation device. Compasses were significant for sea navigation and were used by sailors and travelers. Over time, other types of compasses were created in Medieval Europe and Middle East and its usage spread. The ability of the compass to forever point north is known for the world. Even today, the compass is still a useful device and is constantly used by those who need to find direction.

Being such a versatile symbol full of meaning, the compass has become a well-loved symbol for jewelry lovers. There are many styles of compass jewelry made of 316L/304 stainless steel materials, including compass pendants, compass bracelets, compass rings, compass key-rings, compass cufflinks, etc.


Compass jewelry is perfect for almost all occasions to wear. It can be a great gift for opening ceremony, employee benefits, housewarming, wedding, birthday, awarding ceremony, anniversary celebration, festival and so on.


Life is a series of twists and turns, with exciting discoveries around each bend.

Check out our working compass jewelry selection for the very best in unique or custom. Choose a compass jewelry to suit your style.  It will remind you to embrace every opportunity to try something different or go somewhere new and reach your dreams goals. Enjoy your journey!


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